Below are our past special events:


                                     WORLD THINKING DAY 21st FEBRUARY 2015

GB4LG Burst into action Saturday morning with no lack of enthusiastic Kings Lynn Guides over thirty youngsters vied for a chance to speak to like minded Guides in other countries as well as the UK. There was no lack of enthusiasm and over twenty gained their communication badges. A massive thank you must go out to the Girl Guides of Canada Nova Scotia not only for the contact but for the Individual personalised QSL cards and pictures they sent by mail to Olly and the girls to mark the contact …As you can see from the pictures there were lots of activities for the girls to enjoy.




                               ILLW 2014 GB2HL 15th–17th AUGUST 2014

The weekend got off to a bright and sunny start thankfully, Erection of the new tent went quite well regardless of a few minor hiccups and I must say there seemed to be a lot more puzzled spectators than on previous years, This year was made a bit more special as it was 100yr anniversary of the world war and we were going to be transmitting pretty close to were one of the listening posts was located for picking up the coded messages sent by German boats and subs etc during the war. We managed to locate pictures of the hut used and these were printed on A4 photo paper and put up in the tent along with appropriate text for people visiting us throughout the weekend. All in all it was quite a successful weekend with numerous contacts on ssb-cw & slow scan and also vhf-uhf. Sadly the weekend was cut short on Sunday by gale-force winds and the threat of worse to come so to avoid unnecessary damage to equipment we called it a day…16 Hex Up

A Massive THANKYOU must go out to everyone who helped out over the weekend and to the numerous visitors including the Boys in Blue and the reporters from the local papers….


                                25th GREAT EASTERN RALLY SUNDAY 3rd AUGUST 2014

We had hoped to run a special call sign to mark the 25th anniversary of the Kings Lynn Rally but the powers that be decided it was not important enough to issue a special call sign for……

Anyway the rally went well and we had lots of visitors and numerous people went home smiling after acquiring a bargain. The Chairman and committee would like to say thank you to all the volunteers and visitors for their support on the day.

Eric's In Charge (2)

Ferrites Galore  (2)Goodies from Devon (2)


ILLW 2013 17th & 18th August 2013

After a wet start on Friday afternoon, the weekend weather improved and it turned out to be a busy time for everyone involved, transmitting started at midnight on Saturday going all the way through to Sunday afternoon. Four members doing the night shift on HF voice, psk and slowscan also on two meters. During both days other members come and took time on the mics giving the night crew some well earned rest. A big thank you goes out to everyone that turned out over the weekend to help with everything.  All in all, it was a very successful event with many contacts.



KLARC 24th Great Eastern Radio Rally Sunday 4th August 2013

It was a very busy day for the members and non members who helped out, some arriving by 06-00. The weather turned out quite good in the end, with traders coming from all over the UK.

A Crowd Gathers (2)

The Rally has been going from strength to strength each year and this year was no exception, a special thanks to all the traders who turned up and to everyone involved in the organisation.

There are more pictures in the photo Archive.


CASHOTA 2013 Castle Rising

Club members got together on Sunday 23rd June to activate Castle Rising for the annual cashota weekend.


Conditions were not very good, but still managed a few good contacts. There are more pictures in the photo archive.


18/08/2012 International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend. At the Hunstanton Lighthouse. Another weekend Activating Hunstanton lighthouse. This year with the new call sign GB2HL. This is a 48 hour event including night.



19/08/2012 International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend. At the Hunstanton Lighthouse.