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If anyone has any snippets of news or info they would like to see added Please contact me Steve 2E0USC :-)  ( ) and thankyou for your continued support of Kings Lynn Amateur Radio Club
Club Calls Contest 2017 02[1299]
Jeff G6YPJ, Mike M0XXM and Ted G4OZG took part in THE CLUB CALLS CONTEST at the club house Saturday. Mike G0SHC took part from home as the other half of the team, he made 54 QSOs and the team at club 49 QSOs, hopefully all involved enjoyed the day and a big THANKYOU to all who volunteered to run the stations on behalf of the club.
I know that Ted G4OZG and Mike G0SHC have really been pushing the club forward in taking part in the RSGB events both at the club and at home and I’m sure would like more members to join the ranks to try and raise the club up the rankings.
G6ENN 02[930]
 Hi All The Talk by David G6ENN was very informative educational and at times funny I’m sure every one who turned up on the night had a good time, also a big THANKS must go to the gorgeous Isabel for all those fab home made cakes, she once again was the perfect host handing out tea coffee and cakes to all.
Thanks also go to all in attendance for their support throughout 2017.
And Olly make sure you repay that Wife of yours to a slap up meal she deserves a medal for putting up with you and all the work she does for the club so once again THANK YOU Isabel for all your hard work from everyone at KLARC…. p.s check out David G6ENN website it is very informative.
                                         Yaesu Fusion Mode
MB6ISW-GW DV Fusion Simplex Gateway 431.075 Node id 31098 Room id 41098.
        Licenced for attended use 5 watt ERP
The Gateway is active in South Wootton giving a coverage of Kings Lynn for mobiles ( not yet tested outside of town )
                           HOW TO USE GATEWAY
                          WITH A YAESU FUSION RADIO
 1. Set Frequency to 431.075. for MB6ISW Kings Lynn 431.0875 for MB6IWB ( Wisbech )
 2. Select DN Mode.
 3. Press the PTT and Talk.
The Gateway is set to UK-NET-HUB and your transmissions will come out of all connected Gateways – Repeaters and Nodes in the UK normally 20 plus.
You can disconnect the UK-Net-Hub using your transceiver in the X mode and reconnect to any of the hundreds of world-wide stations at any time while in the Gateway.
MB6IWB-GW DV Fusion Gateway 431.0875.
Node ID 18772 Room ID 28772.
Licenced to Barrie G7UFI at Marshland St James.
For Full Wires x Info see the Wires x Bible at :-
                 …..FEEL FREE TO USE THE GATEWAYS……
Check out the link below for latest videos from the RSGB.
Ofcom has today published guidance to help amateur radio licensees to understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the UK amateur radio licence. This guidance should therefore, be read in conjunction with the licence.
We are aware from member enquires that there are areas of operating practice where further advice may be appreciated, and we are thus proposing to publish some “Best Practice” notes later in the year.
Regards Mark Taylor
DRM Region 12 Norfolk